Premium Finance Insurance

Premium Finance Insurance

Getting a basic life insurance would require you to pay an inexpensive premium every month. However, when the sum of that insurance runs into hundreds and thousands of millions, the monthly premium will get pretty hefty too. So what do you do when you have to pay such a gigantic premium every month? You opt for premium finance.

  • Premium finance is a strategy where policy owners would be able pay massive life insurance premiums by borrowing from a third-party lender, rather than tying up their own capital. 

  • Premium finance will allow you to to acquire substantially more life insurance in exchange of  a small fraction of the cash flow that would otherwise be required to support such a big policy

  • With the help of premium financing, you can not only keep your other assets performing better elsewhere, but you can also often get a very attractive tax-free IRR (internal rate of return) for a relatively nominal out of pocket cost.

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Premium Finance could help you unlock a plethora of investments for you and your family. Want to know more? get in touch with us. We would love to help you out in this new but highly blooming finance product.