Tax Loss Harvesting

Tax Loss Harvesting

Can brearing a loss, help you save some money? Well, it may if you opt for Tax-loss Harvesting. 

  • Tax loss harvesting is the practice of selling off securities at a loss in order to offset the captain gain taxes that one might have to pay on profits booked by selling other securities. 

  • So with tax loss harvesting , you can offset your capital gains tax arising on your profit.  And if you want to maintain your portfolio, you can always buy the sold securities back. 

  • However, dont buy back your securities too fast! In the US, if stocks are sold and bought back within 30 days just to reduce taxes on realised gains, they are considered wash sales, and you can not offset your taxes. 

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Taxes dont have to be tricky. Reach out ot our Specialist to understand how to offset your taxes based on the right Tax Harvesting Strategy.